Manufacturer of Electroformed Components and Assemblies

Servometer© is a preeminent manufacturer of quality-crafted metal bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contact springs. Since 1957, our custom engineered parts have made “the impossible - possible”, providing clients accurate, dependable and reliable solutions for any application challenge. Used in mechanical and electrical applications, electroforming technology creates extremely accurate devices.
Servometer employs a unique process for the manufacture of its metal bellows and assemblies which it has perfected since 1957. Servometer metal bellows are seamless in construction, available in miniature sizes, and can be manufactured from various materials and high-strength alloys. Servometer's engineering staff will help you reach your goals. Metal Bellows >>
Flexible shaft couplings using electrodeposited bellows technology provide solutions for connecting components such as encoders, servos, manipulators, and machine tools. Bellows couplings have zero backlash, extremely low wind-up, and offer flexibility to compensate for angular and parallel misalignment. Flexible Shaft Couplings >>
Servometer manufactures many specialty precision electroforms, cold shields and round and rectangular microwave waveguides which normal electroforming and plating companies cannot produce. Electroforms operate in extremely cold temperatures and are available in a variety of alloys and metals. Precision Electroforms >>
Electrical contact springs designed with bellows technology are used where the connection cannot or should not be permanent, particularly when the parts are to be inserted, removed and re-inserted. Servometer gold-plated contacts create a reliable solution for electrical connections with less signal loss versus competing technologies. Electrical Contact Springs >>
Servometer specializes in the manufacturing of custom assemblies of all shapes and sizes. Servometer has the equipment and personnel to meet customer demands for cost effective solutions. Our design engineers will work with you to find the best installation and customization methods available. Sub-Assembly Services>>
The flexibility and customization of Servometer products have opened doors into a variety of industries. Servometer metal bellows, electroforms, couplings and electrical contacts have changed the way engineers can build mechanical components. Learn how Servometer is applying electroforming technology. Electroformed Component Applications >>